Sunday, July 17, 2016

Mental Health Follows From Spiritual Health

Over the years since the Spirit commissioned me to remove the wall of confusion that fogs people's brains there have been many healed by it as they come to me for counselling and help. Mostly they are lost in webs of lies and distorted facts and they can't find their way out. The stories they tell are often horrendous and all are based on some kind of religious propaganda or laws and they concern themselves with what happens in the after-life.

One lady was so persecuted by her mother for not going to church that she was forced to leave home. She said that she felt dead in the place of worship, as so many do. She escaped and her new boyfriend took her to a Pentecostal play where she received the Spirit and the link that brought her happiness and peace. The Spirit worked in her case to get her back on track.

In another similar case the lady was driven by her parents every Sunday to mass, which always left her feeling dead inside. They were so frightened of going to hell after they died that they ignored her pleas to stop forcing her to go.

In case after case the stories mostly relate to religion and the way the victims are forced to accept what the parents believe. Gradually some of them started getting major depression and it was then that they sought my help. As they reconnected with the Spirit of the Universe, the only real God, they returned to strong mental health.

Another situation is that linked to reincarnation. Many have some knowledge of it and some have memory of their last life. This has to be buried because religions have outlawed it as it threatens their standing on heaven and hell as destinations in the after-life.

My reincarnation and link to the Spirit led to the commission to tear down the wall and bring in the harvest at the end of the day. Since that time many have received miracles of healing as the power flows through me for that purpose. Now the work is written in hundreds of articles, on web sites, blogs, and elsewhere so that all can benefit from it.

Mental health comes from spiritual health and the link that allows the voice within to be heard. Unfortunately many have that link severed by religious leaders preaching lies and forcing their people to worship idols. In the end it will all be removed as the Spirit is now collecting its own.
Everyone is back who has lived before and they are coming to the Mountain of God for healing and to learn the truth as promised to happen in the last days.

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